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More editing options for your sign panel designs:

  • Place text and objects based on the edge of the panel
  • Override Panel Style borders option when updating a panel, allowing the changing of borders radius, inset and thickness
  • Edit the panel width, height and corners from square to rounded without the need to create a custom panel

Improvements to the accent tool, allowing editing of text to include French or Spanish accents as part of place names

Updated Content for panel styles, shields, arrows, symbols and standard signs:

  • Canada (TAC-ATC 2021)
  • Australia (AS 1743-2018)

Bug Fixes

  • fixed grayed out Table tags and text size errors in Microstation Connect
  • Select custom arrows from a library list
  • Place New Panel in MicroStation Connect and ORD
  • Improved TTF display
  • Restored place highway text
  • .dxf file can now open in AutoCAD platform v8i, Connect and ORD
  • Fixed scaling for sheets and reports
  • Loading errors corrected
  • Corrected color change of TTF font on Edit Highway Text for MSTN Connect
  • Corrected Export Sign to Cutter feature to use the correct layer/level
  • Relocation of Sign folder files from Common\Source to GuideSIGN repository
  • Corrected MSTN Connect display issues after placing objects into the panel
  • Text errors in Place Shield corrected
  • Resolved Accent preview error
  • Corrected setting color for dimensions for MicroStation
  • Fixed truncated units for Place Short Line and Highway Text
  • Updated spacing for Highway Text – Advanced: Text, Height, or Space using region specific tables
  • Corrected descenders display issues for accents
  • Corrected accent height and spacing
  • Corrected space between two strings for Edit Highway Text
  • Corrected CAN region text display for Place Highway Text
  • Fixed display of “Number of Sign Library” text
  • Fixed unit display for Create Custom Arrow
  • Display dimensions of arrows on black background for Create Arrow
  • Updated spacing for words and letters for different regions

More templates for the Smart Sign Plan Template feature:

  • Curve of road
  • Exit ramps
  • Temporary Traffic Control
  • And more!

Improved 3D graphics using mesh technology – making it easier to transfer them to other 3D modelling software

Optionally add in surfaces or terrain models to view sign assemblies with base elevations

New options to select a surface or terrain to place assemblies from template, a new feature to place groups of sign assemblies, and a new feature to use Open Roads or Civil 3D alignments in a template, along with improvements to stationing and offsets

Specify elevation for each individual post for the span support type

Improvements to the steps to place sign assemblies, particularly the ability to use separate elevations for the bases of each side of a span, or to set precise distances from posts for placing signs along a span.

Improved multiple sign placement & positioning on a post

Add in horizontal distances from post

Display Signs in 2D or 3D for detailed visualization, such as vertical clearance for larger sized vehicles and other obstacles or examine the interaction between the different elements

Draping 3D surfaces and 3D street furniture for pavement marking in Bentley products

Collaborate & coordinate better with project and design partners by exporting your 3D sign structure and pavement marking to IFC, BIM, SHP or CSV, or customize the design data. Check for clashes and provide details of materials for costings and future maintenance.

New additions to the Sign Library

  • Canada TAC 2021
  • Australia AS 1743 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved Horizontal clearance for place sign support symbol
  • Corrected place standard sign size for AutoCAD * MSTNv8i
  • Icon file (.ico) added back into Program Files folder
  • 2D crashes for Microstation
  • Larger pop-up window for place sign support symbol
  • Repaired report manager crash
  • Fixed alignment for FDOT sheets and reports

All of GuideSIGN and GuideSIGN Sigma combined

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed slow operation of GuideSIGN Plan in MicroStation CONNECT/ORD
  • Loads GuideSIGN Design and Plan in Microstation Connect and ORD
  • Fixed custom sign facing size during placing user defined signs in 2D
  • Resolved “fatal error” for sign assembly with sign support type as “Structure”