Leverage cutting edge video analytics for your multimodal traffic project

TrafxFLOW supports the growing need for data that goes beyond traffic counts. Using almost any video source including temporary cameras, permanent cameras or drones, practitioners can get accurate and diverse data metrics to plan, design and evaluate intersections, roundabouts or road segments.

TrafxFLOW is easy to use, and results are accessible through an online dashboard.

Traffic flow analytics including counts, speeds, and road user classification data provides the most useful information for traffic studies.
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Analyze multiple sites quickly and affordably using almost any type of camera.


Classify and track over 15 vehicle and vulnerable road user types using a single camera.


Count and speed accuracy levels that have been validated to be above industry standards.


Interactive web-based dashboards and rich datasets available when you need them.


Traffic Studies

TrafxFLOW’s video analytics provide detailed road user counts which are used to provide insight for road planning and design.

Speed and Delay Studies

Dive deep into trends in road user over-speeding and queue buildup.

Road User Behavioral Analysis

Analysis: Study road user behavior such as jaywalking, illegal movement analysis, and intersection blocking.

Curbside management

Monitor delivery zones, parking spaces, or sidewalk usage through curbside management studies to optimize and maximize mobility.

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