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See how transportation engineers and consultants are using TORUS® to meet client deadlines, reduce project costs, and accelerate work efficiency in the design and planning of modern roundabouts.

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CASE STUDY: In Southern California, Roundabouts are the Designers Choice

TORUS Roundabouts helps a multi-million dollar development project get complex intersections just right.


CASE STUDY: Planning for Winnipeg’s Future

Like any other North American city, Winnipeg, Manitoba has traffic jams. Winnipeg doesn’t have an overwhelming traffic problem but it does have its bottlenecks from time to time.


What Our Clients are Saying

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CASE STUDY: Roundabouts No Longer Have Engineers Spinning Their Wheels
Transportation engineers across North America are bringing roundabouts back into their construction toolbox after they gained popularity in other countries around the world.


CASE STUDY: Bohannan Huston, Inc. Uses TORUS for Efficient Roundabout Design
When BHI began using Transoft Solutions TORUS software, we immediately recognized the tool's ability to dramatically streamline roundabout design, analysis and production workflow. W