Quick creation of lighting scheme designs, providing verification of lighting and power requirements

AutoLUX software is a collection of commands which are added to the standard repertoire of AutoCAD.

These additional commands provide a calculation engine and many drawing editing commands to facilitate drawing completed scheme design. Luminaires and target points enter the drawing as CAD entities, and the calculated results are shown as text or as contours. The full power of AutoCAD remains available to you for manipulating all of these entities.

AutoLUX Highlights
  • Accepts photometry in IES, CIBSE TM14, EULUMDAT, CIE, or INR format
  • Accounts for obstructions which block light — 3DFACEs, extruded CIRCLEs, etc.
  • Uses information in candela files to produce legend / fixture schedule
  • Contour isoplots
  • Draggable iso-templates
  • Roadway Shortcut constructs roadway layouts from a few input numbers – choose from: IESNA, BS5489, CEN
  • Sports Shortcut constructs field outlines / target grids for popular sports
  • Interface to our UK street lighting software KeyLIGHTS