Licensing Options

Transoft Solutions offers a range of licensing preferences for the majority of our software. These different options were developed to help small, sole proprietorships right on up to the largest multinational organisations meet their transportation design and analysis needs in the most efficient manner possible. Transoft Solutions software uses our own proprietary licensing technology that allows for ease of deployment and flexibility to upgrade at anytime.
User Subscription

User Subscription

User Subscription license is a model where a set number of Subscribed Users can access the software through their unique logins and passwords for a predetermined length of time (e.g. 12 month terms). The software can be installed on multiple workstations.

Each Subscribed User represents one individual and their login and password, which cannot be shared with other users. Software activation is an easy process and can be done over the Internet.


Why Choose the User Subscription License Option

User Subscription license offers a cost-effective way for small businesses to start with one user and grow by adding additional users. For larger organisations, it will offer more flexibility in user administration and management via the My Transoft Portal. Furthermore, it can easily handle scalability and budgeting as per the business needs defined by the number of users.

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Key Benefits & Value of Upgrading to User Subscription License


  1. Automatic Updates & New Features
    Software updates, new features and libraries are important but not always free. With User Subscription receive bug fixes, compatibility updates and feature upgrades automatically—without any further investment.
  2. Enhanced Scalability & User Management
    As your business needs change, so does the number of software licenses you may require. With the User Subscription offering you have the ability to add and reassign users, allowing you to manage costs and budgets more comprehensively, along with user-level reporting.
  3. Access to Software
    Working from home, on the road or anywhere else? You can access the software from anywhere, whether it be on your laptop or personal desktop with the Azure AD SSO single-login. Single-login allows a user to seamlessly access multiple applications with one set of login credentials anywhere, anytime, and on any device*.
  4. Unlimited Technical Support
    Receive premium assistance for all your deployments and technical support needs with a dedicated phone line and email. If needed, you may request a 1:1 support session with product experts.
  5. Invitations to Webinars
    Join our regular product focused webinars. These live webinars are a great way for you to learn how our software can help streamline your design process to help lower projects costs.
  6. Flexible user license options
    Choose from single to multiuser packages to help meet your evolving business needs. Contact our sales team for full details.


Do you have more questions about User Subscription? See the FAQ here


 *You can login on one device at a time.